In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and recognizing our responsibility to our Customers, Kids Crew, and Sellers, All 4 Kids has made the difficult decision to cancel the remainder of our children’s consignment sale at Jim Miller Park (Cobb County Fairgrounds).

We know that many of you were anticipating shopping and selling with us, we apologize and sincerely share in your disappointment at hearing this news.

This decision was not made lightly but following on the heels of the World Health Organization officially classifying the COVID-19 outbreak as a global pandemic, with the virus now present in Cobb County (including the closure of Public schools), we are taking this step out of an abundance of caution. This is the first time in 30 years of business that we have closed our doors. We have made this decision not from fear but from a deep sense of responsibility to protect the families of our beloved customers. As we know that so many of you rely on our sales, we are looking into possible alternatives for a future Spring/Summer sale after the crisis has passed.

Seller Information

We want to offer our sincere apologies to our Sellers. You are the reason we have such an amazing sale. We know that you rely on the sale of your merchandise and we have made the decision to close with a heavy heart. Our decision to close was made in the interest of public health and we feel that it is the most ethical and responsible choice at this time. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at [email protected]. Your feedback is important to us. 

Pick-up: SATURDAY 10AM-7PM!

Because it typically takes an army of volunteers to sort the unsold items back into consignor numbers for pickup, we are instead having to adopt for a non-sort pickup during this crisis. (For our new consignors, items are typically sorted back into your seller ID# for easy pickup).

Most sales in other states have a non-sort pickup and we have been in touch with other consignment sale owners across the nation for guidance in how they run a non-sort pickup.

We will allow a limited number of people in the building at a time in cooperation with the social distancing recommendations from the World Health Organization.

We will be open from 10am-7pm on Saturday for pickup. Please feel free to come at any time during these hours to pickup your items.

Sellers need  to print their “PICKUP REPORT” found under the seller menu after logging into their account. The Pickup Report will be uploaded today at 5pm, and can be found on the left menu once you login to the wbesite. You will need a printed copy of your pickup report when you come to pickup. We have placed ALL donated and ALL pulled items back on the racks under the size and/or category listed on each item.  We have checked items to make sure that they are in the correct size/gender on the racks to assist in pickup. ALL ITEMS that have not already been sold will be available for pickup.  This includes any items marked as donate or pulled.  Sellers will come into the building and locate their unsold items using their pickup report and locate their items by size and category.  Our family and staff will be on hand to assist you. Please plan for at least 30-40 minutes to locate your items throughout the sale. We will then double-check all items as you leave the sale.  It will be the sellers’ responsibility to ensure that they have all of their items before leaving the event, as we will be unable to account for lost/missing items that were simply overlooked. Items shift a lot during the event, and we will try our best to put things back in the correct spot, however, please know that things will not be where you left them at dropoff. We pride ourselves on our sorting and pickup process and we understand the frustration of not having your items sorted back into your number. We hope that you will recognize that this is an unprecedented event and that we work hard to make sure pickup is a simple and extremely organized process.

Donations and Pulled Items

As stated above, all of your unsold merchandise, including items marked Donate or marked as “Pulled” will be sorted by size and gender order or in the appropriate category. As they did not have a chance to sell for the full length of our event, we would like for you to have the opportunity to take these items home for future All 4 Kids events.

Checks from presale

We know that many of you rely on your sales from the event to purchase things for your family, as such, if you wrote a check during presale, we will wait to deposit it until Wednesday March 18th.

Kids Crew Shifts

We love and appreciate each of member of our Kids Crew, thank you all for your hard-work and dedication to make our sales the most organized events in the country. We know each of you sacrifice your valuable time to serve the event and make it the best possible. For those of you who still have shifts on Saturday, March 14th, we are no longer holding those shifts. If you have a shift today, Friday March 13th, we would love your help to get the items ready for pickup. We feel the exposure is low, as there will only be 20 people in the building, but understand if you would rather not. All crew members will get credit for your shifts this week. If you had to cancel due to circumstances surrounding the virus, please email [email protected] to make sure you get your credit.

Sales percentages

If you had a Kids Crew shift scheduled to increase your sales percentage you will receive full credit for the shift and the appropriate percentage based on the number of shifts. You are not obligated to complete the shifts this weekend but will still receive full credit.

Future Events

As we know that many of you rely on the sales from our events, we are checking into potential options for a Cobb Spring/Summer event later in the year. We will keep you updated via email.

– Kim Mitchell
Owner & Founder
All 4 Kids