Everything you love about selling – Now Online!

Dropoff is super easy
Only tag & bring what you sell.

Sell from your couch
Input your items quickly from your phone

No hangers or pins
You’ll save money & time by skipping this step

Watch how you can sell from home.

Join the thousands of families like yours that have saved money with All 4 Kids.

Spring/Summer Online Schedule!

Inventory Deadline:  March 14, 8pm
Seller Presale Online: March 16, 5pm

Keep Shopping: March 17-20
Tag Your Items: March 17-21
Dropoff:  March 22 & 23
Curbside Purchase Pickup:  March 26 & 27

Sold item Dropoff & Purchase Pickup:
Mt. Paran North Church of God.
1700 Allgood Road, Marietta, GA

How to Sell Online

Be sure to read everything for all the new online details.

How Do I Get Started?

Register and pay the $10 seller fee as normal, then select a dropoff time. This will be the time you dropoff your SOLD items after the online event. Sellers earn 65%-80%. Here’s how to earn more. Sales will be sent via Direct Deposit the Sunday after pickup.

What sort of quality do you accept?

Because the shoppers are not able to view items in person, please be VERY CAREFUL about the qualify of your items. Only input your BEST items. Any items that are found to have a stain/damaged/recall/not working or not dropped off will be charged a $3 admin fee per item. So if we find a stain on a $5 item, you will not get the sale, and you will be charged $3. We want the online sale to do well, and shoppers will not return if they receive an item that is not up to our quality standards. The Online Sale accepts Seasonally appropriate items that are good quality, clean and in-style. Absolutely no stains, no holes, no pills, no defects or clothes that smell of smoke, must or moth balls. Thoroughly check seat area, underarms, elbows, cuffs, knees & collars. Toys must have working batteries & all pieces. Be sure to check www.wemakeitsafer.com for Recalls!

What types of items are accepted?
Sellers can sell up to 375 high-quality Seasonal items, with no limits on Infant, Junior & Maternity for the online sale only. CLICK HERE to download our Accepted Items List. We accept Spring/Summer Items in March and Fall/Winter Items in August.

What is an Admin Fee?

Shoppers return to All 4 Kids every year because of the amazing quality items that our sellers bring. At our in-person events all items undergo a detailed inspection to ensure they meet our high standards. Because the sellers are only dropping off the sold items, there is no way for us to check the items beforehand. Therefore, sellers need to do the detailed quality check at home. The shoppers are trusting us to only sell them the best. If any items are sold and brought to dropoff that do not meet our quality standards, sellers will be charged a $3 Admin Fee per item and they will lose the sale. Sellers with multiple pulled items will not be allowed back to future Online sales.

How do I Input Items?

Enter items as usual and add a photo to complete the listing. Items must be $3 minimum to ensure the best quality. If you pull old items from holding, be sure to use the BATCH EDIT feature to update the Category, Type & Photo, otherwise it will not be added to the inventory. It is very important that you include the brand, color and specific description on each item.. (ie “Gymboree Green and Yellow Striped Long sleeved shirt). Be sure to include all accessories or outfit pieces in the description. Use BRAND NAMES & PRODUCT TYPE in your descriptions to help with search and UP YOUR SALES! You will see the option to donate, be sure to select “No”. There’s nothing to donate since you are only dropping off the sold items.

What are Filters for?

To best sell your items, we have added new Categories. Be sure to list your items in the correct category so they can be easily searched for online. You will also see a “Filters” section. These are optional tags that can be used so shoppers can search for your item. The more filters you add, the more likely your item is to sell. So a Blue Long-Sleeve Matilda Jane Jacket with Snowflakes could have filters: Outwear, Boutique, Christmas, New

How do I Price my items?
Online items must be $3 minimum. We recommend pricing 1/3 of retail. Items new with tags can be 1/2 of retail. We highly recommend selecting 1/2 on Saturday for all items. We have added an additional Flash Sale Day to boost your sales. Before the items go 50% off on Saturday, we will be running 25% off Flash Sales all day Friday on those items. It’s a great way to increase sales and keep shoppers coming back for more. You will see the option to donate, be sure to select “No”. The unsold items will be moved back to your holding, and you can select to donate or not if you sell them at our in-person events. If your item was already in the Fall in-person sale, we recommend dropping the price to help it sell. CLICK HERE to download the guide.

How do I add Photos?

It’s super easy to add photos with our new system. Download our Photo Guide, or view the SLIDESHOW Below.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

  • Take vertically (up & down) – use your phone!
  • Make sure your phone is set to Jpeg, not HEIC or live. Go to iphone Settings: Camera: Formats: Most Compatible.
  • Have a clean background: Light wall, sold floor, no toys or kids in background.
  • Use good lighting to show your item, bring in a lamp or snap pictures near a door/window.
  • Multiple pictures can be taken, but MUST be submitted as ONE PHOTO. Use a photo collage app to show more than one photo of your item.
  • Use a ruler for size reference. This will help the shopper understand scale
  • If items are in ziplocks, un-package to take the photo, then pack them back.
  • Pro tip: Hang your items on a nail on the wall to best display.
What's the deal with Tagging?

At the END of the online sale, go into your sale inventory and click “move unsold items to holding”. Then click “print all tags”. Do NOT print tags until the sale has ended. The Online Tags are different from our In-Person event tags. If you sold an item with an in-person tag on it, you can simply tape the online tag over it. You can use regular computer paper for the online sale only. You can also order our special sticker tags. Click HERE to order

Clothing does not need to be on a hanger (if it is already, that’s ok too). If there are multiple clothing pieces or accessories, items must be safety pinned together REALLY WELL. Toys/Equipment must be working with batteries. Items like wooden puzzles, socks, small toys need to be sealed & taped in a bag so pieces don’t get lost. Any toys with accessories need to be firmly attached so nothing gets lost during our sorting process. Shoes can be secured together using shoelaces, clear zip ties, or in baggies (online sale only). For all Large Items, the system will print two tags. Put one on your item, and bring the other to dropoff. Be sure to check all DVD/Video game cases. Sellers could be charged the admin fee for all improperly secured items.

What is Dropoff Like?

Masks are required. Plan for about 30 minutes. Pull up to dropoff Large Items FIRST. Items such as cribs do not need to be assembled, but you need to verify that all pieces are there. Then, Park & bring your items in. Rolling Racks will NOT be available, so bring a wagon or stroller to haul everything in. You will walk up to a table & scan your items in to check that they are there. You will do this on your phone, we will show you how when you arrive. At the same time, a Kids Crew member will do a quick quality check & verify your bank account. The program will automatically show us if any items are missing based on what you scan in. Then you will sort your items. Your tags will show a large Alpha-Numeric number in the top such as MAT-1001. This is the BuyerID. You will need to sort your items by this into the correct bag. To help you go quick, please group all letters together when loading your car so dropoff goes quick. No need to return unless you have an order to pickup. Done!

How do I Shop Online?

Sellers will be provided with a link & unique password to access our storefront for the Presale. The email will be sent 5 minutes before the website is live, so be sure we have your correct email on file and check your junk folder if you don’t see it. After the presale, the site will open to the public without the password requirement. You can continue to shop throughout the sale week, all orders will be grouped together by buyer. Don’t forget to check back on Saturday for the half price sale! Shoppers will schedule a pickup appointment during checkout. You only need to schedule one appointment, even if you have multiple orders.

How do I pickup my purchases?

Our curbside pickup is super fast! Simply park, tell us your order numbers, and pop your trunk. We will load your purchases and off you go!