Want an EASY & QUICK way to sell your nice items?

Let US do the work for you! Here’s how it goes:

1. Drop-off your clean, Boutique or Name-Brand items with one of our awesome Tag Team Members (these ladies are PROS at selling!) 

 2. Sit back and relax – seriously it’s that easy! We will hang, price, tag & drop-off your items.

 3. You’ll receive a login to view your sales & get TWO presale passes (a $20 value!)

 4. Sales are deposited directly into your account

Our Valet Tagging Service is an easy solution for the parent trying to do it all. Easily sell your best items and get $$ Fast!

Ready for the details?

This awesome Valet Tagging Program is open to everyone with Boutique or Name Brand Clothing. Bargain & Everyday Brands are NOT accepted for this program.

If it’s your first time using this service there’s a quick application to confirm availability. 

We accept clean, gently used, seasonally-appropriate items that retail over $14. The minimum price per item is $4, so be sure to check your brands & quality. Items should be free from pet hair, odor, with no stains, tears or missing parts.

Drop-off to one of our Tag Team Members. We will hang, price, enter, tag & drop-off your items. We will use expert pricing strategies to get you the highest sales possible. Items will automatically have the “1/2 off on Saturday” option selected, and you can choose to Donate (with a tax-deductible receipt), or pickup your items. (6pm-7pm Saturday March 9 from Cobb Fairgrounds).

We do the work, and you still make 40% of your sales! You’ll receive a log-in after inventory closes to watch your sales update nightly. You’ll also receive 2 Seller Presale passes to shop at the Cobb Fairgrounds! 

Sales are deposited directly into your bank account the Sunday the sale ends – Super Easy!

Moms just like you love selling with All 4 Kids!

“I love the kids crew because I get to meet so many wonderful moms, love to sell to make some very useful money, and to buy great clothes and toys and books for my kids for so cheap❤️❤️❤️!”

– Rosa, Marietta, GA

“I love the idea that clothes, toys and shoes that my children loved can go on to be loved by others. I also love the fact that I can earn enough money to buy my kids clothes for the next season.

– Liza, Marietta, GA

I love selling so I can clear out my littles outgrown toys and clothes and make lots of money to put towards buying lots of new stuff from the sale for the kiddos!

– Amy, Woodstock, GA

Selling is so easy and I make enough to shop all the good deals as my kids grow!

– Lauren, Marietta, GA

The Nitty Gritty

Love to read the fine print? We’ve got you covered:

How much will I make? Valet Sellers earn 40% of their sales minus a $10 seller registration fee (taken at the end of the event).

What items are accepted? For this program, we are only accepting, Boutique & Name Brands. To view the type of bands we do and do not accept for this service, CLICK HERE. Items must be in excellent condition & seasonally appropriate. 

What type of quality are you taking? All 4 Kids is known for our incredibly high standards. Select your very best items to sell. We accept seasonally appropriate items that are clean and in-style. Absoluetly no stains, no holes, no pills, no defects, no odor or hair. Thoroughly check seat area, underarms, cuffs and knees. Toys & other items must have working batteries and all pieces. be sure to check for recalls! www.cpsc.gov/Recalls

What are the item limits? Sellers may sell 375 of their own items. To quality for this service, you need 50 items. Junior clothing is limited to trendy, current style and must be Boutique or Name brand only. Junior must be sized 1, 3, 5 etc. Women’s clothing sizes 2, 4, 6 is not accepted. Maternity clothing is limited to 15 pieces.

    How do I drop-off? You’ll be paired with a Tag Team Member in your area. Together you’ll set a neutral meeting location & time. All items must follow our Accepted Items (CLICK HERE) guidelines and be in disposable boxes, these will not be returned back to you.

    How are prices set? Our expert taggers use years of experience to maximize your profits. All items must have a $4 minimum price, so only bring your best. All items will automatically go half off on our 50% off sales. Valet Sellers will choose to donate or pickup their unsold items.

    How do I view what sells? After your items are entered, you will be provided with a log-in to track your sales & view your Pickup Report and Donation Report at the end of the event.

    How do I get paid? At Drop-off, you will give a voided check to your Tagger and your sales will automatically be deposited into your account the day after the sale ends. 

    How will I get my items back? You can choose to Donate all items before the tagger begins. With this option, you’ll receive an itemized tax-deductible receipt. If you want to pickup your items, you can do so on Saturday, March 9 from 6pm-7pm at Cobb Fairgrounds, 2245 Callaway Road. All items not picked up by 7pm will be donated. Click HERE and scroll to “Pickup My Unsold Items” to see how easy pickup is.

    What sale will my items be in? Our Valet Tagging Service is for our Cobb Fairgrounds sale only. You will receive two seller presale passes for Wednesday, March 6th at 10am. 

    What if I drop-off items that are not accepted? Any item with stains/wrong season/odor/damage will be held and you have one week to pickup from your taggers house. If you have more than 10% of your items that are not accepted, then a $20 processing fee will be charged.

    How do I shop the Presale? You will automatically receive 2 presale passes in your account ($20 value!) Only Kids 10+ are welcome on presale day. Click HERE and scroll down to “Shopping the Presale” to read all the shopping details!