Addtional ways to Give:

Supporters often ask about individual projects that complement our regular initiatives, like the Feeding Program. These one-time projects are crucial as they allow us to keep the school running, expand the reach of the church, and care for the welfare of our community. Your generosity transforms lives, shares the Gospel and brings positive change to communities.

Paint Primary  School & Church – $13,000

Paint goes a long way to prevent bugs, erosion and damages on our schools. The Primary buildings & church need a fresh coat of paint, which not only revitalizes our learning and worship spaces but also uplifts the spirits of our children and community. A bright and welcoming environment fosters learning and togetherness, creating a sense of pride and belonging.


Porch for Primary Wing – $15,000

When it rains, it pours. Our first building was built without proper roof overhangs, and the kids get quite wet during class change. This porch will protect the kids from the elements, offering them a sheltered space for activities and continuing education, come rain or shine.


Youth Church Conference – $3,000

Knowing God at as a young adult is so important. We prioritize the youth going to conferences where they can learn how to study the Bible and apply its lessons in their daily lives. They gather with other young adults around the country prayer, worship, and learn about God. Additionally, the conference fosters community through group activities and discussions, allowing children to form friendships grounded in their shared faith.


Vehicle for Birikani  School- $20,000

Our school is 8 miles to the nearest small town. The “road” is more like patches of dirt surrounded by pot holes and ditches. For the last 8 years our school director has faithfully driven a motorcycle to and from the town, sometimes twice a day doing all ordering, purchasing & planning for the school. He needs a car to make the journey quick, safe and efficient. This project will cover the cost of purchase of a despertaly needed used vehicle.


Labratory Equipment – $5,000

Who remembers the fun of exploring the world through science? A laboratory is a pivotal part of learning, and having the ability to do hands-on experiments will make education more fun and engaging. Funding this project will allow us to fully equip the lab, making it an exciting place where kids learn to and grow.


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